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CURRENT PROJECTS stephen robot

Stephen became a professor back in the 1980s and there have been some amazing projects, with hundreds of millions of research £ and $ during that period. Projects sometimes take a while get started, but sometimes are like an avalanche growing faster and larger as we watch! The projects here are some of what Stephen and the heppell.net team are working on currently - always with others, always grounded, always aiming for best value & affordability, and always aiming to attain real scale...

Alongside a lot of school and university building activity, lie these exciting current projects:

the learnometer project

Learnometer is a unique combination of hardware, software and analysed data that help learners, and thus their institutions, perform better by optimising physical environments for learning. Essential reading for everyone caring about learning. Research support by JISC and Dulux

learnology - the never ending masters level community

A new kind of affordable masters level community, built around the real needs of learning professionals to research and exchange their practice. Build badges for your qualification; build long term collegiality for your professional growth


This project asks schools and communities with existing makerspaces to create a maker-activity that a small number of displaced children can enjoy with you, from wherever they are currently living. It is a long-range, two-way activity; the activity will engage you in your makerspace and the displaced children will do it too. Initially for displaced Syrian children, in rural Jordan. Project support from UNICEF, UCJC in Madrid, and others

PhD students

Current and recent PhD students - I learn from them all - and hopefully they learn something right back from me too...


A school student led makeover of an unused university building after the experience of making over their own school learning spaces - fascinating insights (photos and details coming soon). A UCJC project.


we are currently bidding for support under the English Free School programme for a virtual school, community based, which we are very excited about not the least because of it's potential to build better learning for the very manay millions that schools doesn't quite reach, or suit.


alongside a very detailed look at optimising physical environments for learning at UCJC we are now exploring the impact of food on learning - including immediately before a high stakes test. Lots still to do, but we have started and details are here.


as with all these pages on the heppell.net website, it is very much work in progress; we will add to, or refine, as time goes by.
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