Schola Liberum is an entirely fresh approach to learning for all children

It is neither traditional home education , not is it conventional school. It lies between and beyond both those approaches.
Schola Liberum does not imply a criticism of either of those approaches; it exists for families and learners for whom those and other traditional solutions are not working. We are currently submitting a bid (June 2016) to be funded as a UK Free School. although Schola Liberum will in time have a global reach.

overview diagram:

scholaLib diagram

Summary document is here: "SCHOLA LIBERUM a free school for the third millennium"


introducing the vocabulary:

A CLUSTER is around 6 children. They would normally be mixed age and mixed-gender.

The children are overseen (but not taught) by a LEAD RESPONSIBLE ADULT (LRA) these would normally be parents on a rota so that they might continue to still work for the rest of the week - with slightly flexible employment, this work could be "full time".

Each LRA would also have an ADULT ASSISTANT - we think these may often be grandparents, but others too.

Each child has a DEDICATED ON-LINE TUTOR responsible for the oversight of their learning. These tutors support a maximum of 6 children who may often be in different clusters

During a typical week, the clusters would also visit BASE CAMPS - regular places for learning away from the homes: libraries, outdoor spaces, field centres, museums, botanical gardens, workplaces (where appropriate) and much more.

Everyone is Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked - ie police cleared for work with children.

PROJECT BASED LEARNING (PBL) characterises much of the children's activity in these base camps.

Schola Liberum's LIBRARIAN / CURATOR manages the huge range of on-line resources that are available and age appropriate

Children's progress will be by STAGE NOT AGE

Curriculum will follow the INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE ® (IB)




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