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contacting lys an evolving one-stop-shop for videos of stephen's interviews and keynotes

short txt summary of all our projects: not very up to date, sorry

stephen's life and reflections around images from his iPhone: the phoneBlog

stephen's writing: the retroBlog

be very afraid: annual ICT learning event at BAFTA

horizon scanning: horizonTAL

cemp - the centre for excellence in media practice where stephen is a professor

learning spaces and places: 21st century learning

edu-tail: making learning spaces from retail places

mumology: a new route for parenting

new media: 21st century media

learnometer projects: doctoral professions and more

digital history: my 20th century evolving archives

happy christmas - our annual festive penguins

family: our growing generations

and of course: sailing • learning • ingenuity • research • policy • design • technology • delight • (+ sailing!)


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