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our heppell.net server hosts a vast number of visits and visitors (thank you, one and all). Many thousands of you each day with an average visit time of over 20 minutes, and many, many downloads. So much of the content is now linked or indexed from elsewhere - including textbooks - that the root structure needs to stay static, with new information added as and when. But, however accesible the front end is, it will remain useful to add and maintain an overall index, and that is where you are now.

Folk have reported a serendipity in exploring the files they were not searching for (!) - others have reported a general amazement that we have retained all this material. Any which way, we hope this is a useful index of everyuthing; welcome.

So, in no order at all - and very much a work in progress for now - there is a long way to go to completion (!):

contacting heppell.net: how to get in touch with us

heppell.tv: a one-stop-shop for videos of stephen's interviews and keynotes - it gets updated sporadically but goes back a long way

short txt summary of all our projects: not very up to date, sorry

there was a time - ahead of social media, when stephen's life and reflections were posted here with images from his iPhone: the phoneBlog

stephen's writing: the retroBlog - when Stephen remembers, he posts chapters and articles and other wrings here

be very afraid: this was a wonderful run of annual ICT learning events at BAFTA, and then elsewhere too

horizon scanning: horizonTAL - the Blair government in the UK asked Stephen to highlight future policy issues - the first few scared them witless, so they didn't ask any more, but history shows they really should have listened! Some wonderful folk involved in these colloquiums too.

learning spaces and places: 21st century learning

edu-tail: making learning spaces from retail places

mumology: a new route for parenting

new media: 21st century media

learnometer projects: doctoral professions and more

digital history: my 20th century evolving archives

happy christmas - our annual festive penguins

family: our growing generations


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