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our 2019 event programme (pdf here)

EVENT DATE PLACE hw links (drafty) DAY
Reclaiming of the Waters 2 Jun B'sea   twitter sunday
Blackwater Smack & Barge Race 8 Jun Blackwater     saturday
Rowhedge Regatta 22 Jun Colne     saturday
Wivenhoe Town Regatta 6 Jul Colne     saturday
Heybridge Basin regatta 6 Jul Heybridge     saturday
Pin Mill Smack race 13 Jul Pin Mill     saturday
B'sea Regatta & Boat Show 20-21 Jul B'sea   facebook sat and sun
Smack Sail and Picnic no idea yet B'sea     sunday
Dutch Classics' Regatta 25 - 28 Jul Hellevoetsluis   OGA page home sunday
OGA East Coast Race 27 Jul Blackwater   website saturday
Whitstable Harbour Day 3 Aug Kent     saturday
Pyefleet Week (for info) 10-16 Aug B'sea   website sat - fri
Swale Match 10 Aug Kent     saturday
Mersea Week (for info) 11-16 Aug W. Mersea      
West Mersea Town Regatta 17 Aug W. Mersea   website saturday
Colne Match 7 Sep B'sea   saturday
Oyster Dredging Match 8 Sep Blackwater   website sunday
Maldon Town Regatta 21 Sep Blackwater   facebook page saturday
Tollesbury Smack & Classics 5 Oct Blackwater   website saturday
Rowhedge Harris Rally no idea yet Rowhedge   2017 poster sunday


Note CYC 100th weekend and Blackwater clash on the Saturday
Heybridge clashes with Wivenhoe, sadly

We need to talk about logistics for Hellevoetsluis

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