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Schola Liberum is an entirely fresh approach to learning for all children

The concept was developed initially in 2016, building on much successful experience, science and research. It is neither traditional home education, nor is it conventional school.

It can overlap with home working too and builds on new insights from the 2020 coronavirus CoVID-19 outbreak.

Schola Liberum does not imply a criticism of other traditional approaches; it exists for families and learners who feel that those approaches are not the best solutions possible, today.

Schola Liberum is designed to have a substantial global reach with a worldwide family of learners of all ages, and at all stages, of learning, located in small learning clusters.

Schola Liberum is designed to create learning that is the very best it can be, so that the children in it can grow to be their very best too. It is global, it's fair, local to you and exciting to be a part of.

This is learning designed in, and for, the third millennium.

Why this? Why now?

hear from Professor Stephen Heppell in this short YouTube video

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want to know more?

If you want to know more, to be involved, to become a Learning Cluster, or even to enquire from a national government position, please mail us now. We will stay in touch and answer your questions.

We will not use your email to sell you anything, or to sell you.


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